SafeWojak exists for one purpose

To help Wojaks trade safely in unregulated crypto markets

SafeWojak's retail friendly due diligence community aims to alleviates traders from falling victim to unaudited and malicious token contracts by equipping crypto traders with the necessary information required to perform adequate risk assessment while participating in highly speculative asset classes. View our Live Chart

Simply put,
Wojaks are in
need of better tools.

SafeWojak is a platform for charting, screening, manual trading, and algo trading BSC tokens with Swap & DEX.

View the SafeWojak Whitepaper (V2)

What Happens To Transaction Fees?

Holders (Static Farming)

More than half of the fees collected are distributed evenly amongst our token holders.

SafeWojak Growth Fund

The remaining portion of the fees are sent to our growth fund for various operating expenses.

How is the 2% of the SafeWojak growth fund being managed? We're glad you asked.
Platform Development
Platform, WojakSwap, WojakDEX, & expenses.
Paid Ads & Marketing
PooCoin, BscScan & Coinhunt as well as marketing campaigns.
Giveaways & Burn
Prizes, sponsorships and deflationary burning when needed.
Liquidity Pool Token Burn

Tokens are burned to prevent exploits and backdoors.

2 More Weeks Until SafeWojak's Platform Beta Launch
Pre-Allocated Tokens

Funds that are owned by founders and early staff members.

Deliverables for Each Quarter
Early June 2021
Trust Wallet Listing

To qualify, SafeWojak must have at least 2500 holders before applying.

Development Team
Mid June 2021
BscScan Verification

Verifying contract ownership as well as providing point of contact details.

Development Team
Mid June 2021
Full Pass on Token Sniffer Smell Test Audit

Our goal is to pass all Smell Test audits including four security criterias.

Development Team
Late June 2021
Lead Generation Growth Campaigns

Growth campaigns on our website, PooCoin, Coinhunt, CoinSniper, Coinvote, and more.

Marketing Team
Early July 2021
Established Brand Presence on Social Media

Includes Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Medium, Facebook and more.

Marketing Team
Mid July 2021
Listing on Leaderboard Websites

Listing on websites such as CoinSniper, WatcherGuru, CoinMooner and more.

Marketing Team
Late July 2021
SafeWojak Platform Release

Platform will be released for desktop and mobile on (on browser).

Development Team
Late July 2021
SafeWojak Token Rating Standard

SafeWojak will introduce a universal token rating standard with criterias.

Operations Team
Late July 2021
Techrate Full Contract Audit

Full contract audit will be performed and published on Techrate's website.

Operations Team
Early August 2021
WojakSwap Platform Closed Beta Release

Beta testers on can test swap functionalities between tokens/LPs.

Development Team
Late August 2021
SafeWojak for Android, iOS, Windows & Linux

Same functionalities as but in a more robust app/software form.

Development Team
Early October 2021
WojakSwap Platform Release

Platform will be released for desktop and mobile on (on browser).

Development Team
Mid October 2021
Certik Full Contract Audit

Full contract audit will be performed and published on Certik's website.

Operations Team
Mid October 2021
CEX Listing (Undisclosed Partner)

We will list on CEX as well as two other exchanges with the help of our advisor.

Operations Team
Mid October 2021 Platform Closed Beta Release will be released as a standalone BSC sniper bot for Windows & Linux.

Development Team
Early January 2022 Platform Release (Standalone Version) trading platform with automated strategies will be released for Win & Linux.

Development Team
Late January 2022
$WOJAK Swap Protocol

Incentivize holders with the ability to stake $WOJAK to support further liquidity pools.

Development Team
Late Febuary 2022
WojakDEX Platform Closed Beta Release

WojakDEX's beta will solely be built based off user demands from tester surveys.

Development Team
March-June 2022 Platform Release (Cloud/Web Version)

The cloud version of automated trading platform will be released by April.

Development Team
April-August 2022
WojakDEX Platform Open Beta & Review

WojakDEX open beta will be released for gathering user sentiment and feedback.

Development Team
May-October 2022
Governance Utility for $WOJAK

Holders and users of SafeWojak may potentially have the option to vote.

Development Team

Get Started on PancakeSwap

SafeWojak ($WOJAK) is available on PancakeSwap and Trust Wallet. Click the link below to have $WOJAK automatically added onto PancakeSwap.

$WOJAK on PancakeSwap
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